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Tea Trekker’s Shipping Department will be on vacation for one short week, from

Saturday Aug 18th through Saturday Aug 25th

Orders placed after Aug 15th may not ship until we return on Aug 28th.

While we are on vacation, orders can be placed on this website at any time, 24/7, as usual,
and they will be filled when we return,
in the order they were received.

Packages will start being shipped again on Tuesday Aug 28 –

Happy High Summer to all !



There are two ways to place an order on

1.  You can order as a GUEST without creating an account, in which case you will need to complete the order form each time you want to order from our website. We recommend ordering this way for your first few orders.  You can set up an account when you are shopping with us regularly.

2. You can order by having a account

Ultimately, we recommend that you establish your own secure account. We currently recommend that you do this after you have placed at least one order as a Guest. You will set up that account when you are in Checkout, and then you can easily access your account to make future purchases, check your order history, auto-fill your address on future orders, and update your credit card information (if you choose to have our credit card processor ( encrypt and keep that on file for you).

Having an account enables you to retain your credit card’s Payment Information encrypted within the files of our credit card processor, Every credit card purchase is checked for Address Verification as an integral part of our credit card processing security. Entering the wrong credit card billing address is the #1 reason that a transaction comes up as a ‘Decline‘ from the credit card processor. Having a account will eliminate this annoying possibility because once your credit card information has been entered correctly you will not need to enter it again until the exp date changes or you receive a replacement card, etc.


If you are a customer who has been purchasing tea from Tea Trekker for several years:

If you have not purchased from us since June/July of 2016 then your account was purged in the spring of 2017.

This was for security reasons so that only current customers are in our database.

Do not attempt to use your old username and password without creating a new account with those particulars – the Shopping Cart will not recognize you and will generate an error message and think you are spamming or it may just ‘hang’ (depending on your browser).

You can order as a guest, without creating an account – or you can create a new account during the Checkout process, the same as a new customer.

We have done this for everyone’s financial information security and are confident that you will appreciate this too.

Thank you

Using A Password:

If you are an established Tea Trekker customer with an active account on this website (see above), you can change your password whenever you want to, by using the ‘Lost Password‘ function to gain access to your account. the ‘Lost Password’ function is also how you change your password when you have forgotten what your password is.

If you have forgotten your password, you can easily change it.  Click on the ‘Log In‘ link (located at the upper right hand side of your screen next to the ‘My Cart‘ link).  Next click on the ‘Lost your password?‘ link.  Enter either your Username or e-mail address (our Shopping Cart recognizes both) and click on the ‘Reset Password‘ button.

Check your e-mail for a message from us with the subject ‘Password Reset for Tea Trekker’. This message will contain a link back to to reset your password. (If you do not see this message in your inbox, please check your spam folder before contacting us directly for password assistance). The password you create can be a new password or the same as one that you have used before.

Be sure to write down your password for future reference.

Follow the instructions and in minutes you will be in your account.

Credit Card Retention:

By default, the Shopping Cart in does not retain your credit card information. However, you can save your credit card information encrypted securely to your account in if you choose to do this. This will save you needing to enter your payment information each time you order.


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