2017 Fresh Spring Picked Tea

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This is a frequently-updated listing of Tea Trekker’s 2017 fresh-picked spring tea. We update this list as new teas are confirmed to our order, they arrive, and then when they sell out for the season.

The 2017 tea harvest is a bit late this year all the way from Nepal in the west to eastern China. The harvest in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea may also be a little later than normal too but the weather has tempered and rains have come in, so there is some acceleration happening in the season now. In fact, Tea Trekker has many spring teas en route and we are expecting that the next 2 weeks will be exciting ones. The teas in general this year have benefited from a little more time on the bush and we are quite pleased with the flavors and depth of character that the leaf is showing.

If there is no selection offered of quantity and price within a tea’s listing, the tea is not yet available and the bulletin across the image of its leaf will indicate when the tea is expected. When a tea arrives and is available for purchase, the selection of sizes that are available will be listed for each tea, along with the price for each size. At that time the Add to Cart button will be activated by the completion of the listing.

This section will include green teas from the four classical Chinese Spring Green Tea plucks (see seasonal tea by country). It will also include white tea, yellow tea, oolongs, and black tea from various regions of China; green teas from Japan; oolongs and perhaps a black tea from Taiwan; and black teas from  Darjeeling, India and Nepal.

As always, we will have some unusual teas and limited-quantity seasonal teas for our tea enthusiast customers.

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