2018 Fresh Spring Picked Tea


The 2018 harvest of tea so far is absolutely outstanding!! We are so excited about the teas that have been come in from Darjeeling, Nepal and several locations in China. Every indication is that this will continue on for the season this spring / summer. Stay tuned…

This is our frequently-updated listing of Tea Trekker’s 2018 fresh-picked spring tea. We update the expected arrival dates (the text across the image) when a tea is in-transit to us, then when it arrives it is posted up for sale, and then when it sells out for the season we mark that too (so that you know that it is gone for the season).

If a tea is not yet available there will be a bulletin of text across the image of its leaf that will state when the tea is expected. (This is different than the ‘harvest time’ in the tea’s listing, which refers to when the leaf is traditionally expected to be plucked from the bush). There are varying influences on the pluck time, and potential time delays between the leaf plucking and our receipt of the finished tea – (depending on the type of tea and location of the garden)
When a tea arrives at Tea Trekker and is available for purchase, the selection of sizes that are available will be listed for the tea, along with the price for each size. At that time clicking on the size button will no longer trigger the ‘Out Of Stock’ message to appear, but the Add to Cart button will be functional and clicking on it will submit the selected size package into your cart.

The vast majority of new teas each year arrive following the initial pluckings of the bud break of china bush Camellia sinensis plants; which means that new teas are generally available for purchase from us primarily in April, May, and June.


This section includes green teas from the four classic Chinese Spring Green Tea plucks (see seasonal tea by country).
It also includes white tea, yellow tea, oolongs, and black tea.
For example, tea

 – from various regions of China;
– Shincha, Sencha, & Matcha tea from Japan;
– oolongs and perhaps a black tea from Taiwan;
– and early-harvest black teas from the Himalaya:
(Darjeeling, India, and Nepal).

As always, we will have some unusual teas and limited-quantity seasonal teas for our tea enthusiast customers.

Keep watching this page to notice new arrivals in the listings,
add teas from this list to your wish-list to monitor their arrival,
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