Japan Matcha

Matcha grinding mills

May 15, 2020 Update:
The world-wide pandemic is having no effect on Japanese tea so far. The 2020 harvest is still many weeks away, and we hope that by that time the plucking, manufacture, packing and shipping logistics will be much better than they have been for most tea gardens in other countries up to this time.

The 2020 Shincha harvest tea has arrived (in mid-May as usual) and the Shincha matcha should arrive in July. These will be a very exciting and welcome bit of normalcy in this time of the new normals… rjh

Here at Tea Trekker we hope that you enjoy our premium matcha as a beverage, prepared in your chawan or teacup. However, we also encourage using matcha as an ingredient as the Japanese have been doing for so long.

We source excellent matcha, ground on stone mills in Japan to our order and packed in tins that have tight-fitting, reclosable lids.

Whether you prefer to prepare and enjoy your matcha koicha or usucha style, we think matcha is delicious in every season and in a variety of settings.

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