Matcha Bowls and Whisks

Matcha Bowls and Whisks

Holding a Matcha bowl (chawan) in your hands and and raising it to your lips to sip a small portion of emerald green Matcha tea is a true delight. The bowl is large and the portion of tea is small, which follows the tradition of how one is served Matcha in Japan. Powdered tea drinking began in Japan in the 15th century and well-made tea bowls became valued objects of desire. Today, Chanoyu – the Japanese tea ceremony – keeps the tradition alive. As a new generation of tea enthusiasts discover the delicious nature of Matcha, tea bowls continue to appeal to avid tea drinkers.

The beauty of a Matcha bowl lies beyond it’s colors, patterning, and seasonal designs. In Japan, collectors of Matcha bowls and tea enthusiasts choose their tea bowls based on the shape of the bowl, the straightness or slope of the sides of the bowl, the styling of the footring, the overall presence of the chawan on the tea table, and how the teabowl relates to the other tea making objects in the grouping. All in all, the aesthetics of chawans vary from potter to potter, and for the user, the choice which tea bowl to use relects a mood or seasonal occasion.

All of our Matcha bowls are made in Japan.

Vintage Matcha Bowls

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