Black Tea

Delicious drunk plain or with milk or sugar, black tea has been an essential beverage for Western tea drinkers since the introduction of tea to Europe by Dutch traders in the mid-1600’s.

Today, black tea continues to be the most popular type of tea consumed in Europe and North America. This style of tea was once the exclusive product of China, but today tea drinkers can find black tea that is produced in over 50 countries of the world.

Black tea is fully-oxidized and steeps a strong, dark cup. Black tea is produced in many different leaf styles and flavor profiles that reflect the terroir of origin: aromatic, brisk yet smooth Keemun; complex Sichuan; full-bud ‘honeyed caramel’ specialties from Yunnan;  delicate and aromatic Himalaya-grown Darjeeling and Nepal; robust Assam from north-eastern India; and classic fruity and brisk Ceylon from the Highlands of Sri Lanka.

Did you know that different black teas can be drunk young, rested or aged?

Tea Trekker believes that some premium black teas taste better when they have rested a year or so before drinking.

Unlike green tea, most black teas will retain their flavor and aroma for many years, particularly orthodox-manufacture, whole-leaf black tea. Whole-leaf black teas bear no relation to tea bag finely cult black teas – treat yourself to several different whole leaf black teas and you will immediately notice better, more pure flavor, finesse, and depth of character.

Some black tea, especially very long leaf teas such as Yunnan black tea from southwest China can benefit from resting or sometimes aging, which may transform them into a more flavorful, deep and rich cup when they are kept in cool, dry storage conditions. (This does not mean that an un-identified package of supermarket black teabags that have been hiding in the back of your pantry for years will have blossomed into something wonderful !)

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