Japan Shizuoka Green Tea

May 15, 2020 Update:
The world-wide pandemic is having no effect on Japanese tea so far. The 2020 harvest is still many weeks away, and we hope that by that time the plucking, manufacture, packing and shipping logistics will be much better than they have been for most tea gardens in other countries up to this time.

The 2020 Shincha harvest sencha arrived right on schedule, and is delicious. This is a very exciting and welcome bit of normalcy in this time of the new normals. We are running out of many of our Japanese teas at exactly the right time – just before the new harvest, so stay tuned for the arrivals of old friends and some new faces… rjh

…The following text will be updated when the 2020 harvest teas begin to arrive…

For the 2019 tea season we are again offering a deliciously diverse selection of truly authentic Japanese green tea from our good friends at SOTFU – the Shizuoka Organic Tea Farmers Union of Japan.

We have several new teas for 2019 as well as the classics from our farmer friends in the prefecture. Over the past decade we have offered quite a range of cultivars, steaming methods and specific, farmer-grown teas from several tea-growing areas within Shizuoka Prefecture.

Our SOTFU organic teas are the foundation of our tea offerings from Shizuoka Prefecture; however we also have several other notable teas from gardens in the prefecture, so be sure to look over all the choices that we have, which are available in many styles and price ranges.

We base our selection on several factors from our extensive tea experiences with the farmers and their tea gardens in Shizuoka Prefecture. Here is some background information regarding our love for this Prefecture:

In 2012 Mary Lou was invited by a Japanese export group to re-visit Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan and had a fantastic trip visiting many tea gardens and meeting with premium tea farmers, and of course we had already attended the Shizuoka Wholesale Tea Market prior to that on other trips to Japan. We have had so many great teas from Shizuoka Prefecture over the last 27 years that it is incredible to think back and remember so many great cups of tea and the camaraderie that has always gone along with them.

So pour a cup of green tea and sit back and peruse our awesome 2019 selection of distinctive Japanese green teas. These will make you happy and feel well-cared for.

If you would like to view some of our thousands of images from our trips to Japan, follow this link to the Japan section of our Photo Gallery and you can then select from the two sub-categories: Japan Tea, or Japan the Country.


Enjoy your armchair travel, which might be inspirational for planning a trip to the 2020 Olympic Games next year in Japan ?!