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Assam Kaziranga Tea Estate


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Black Tea


Assam Kaziranga Tea Estate


small pellet size CTC leaf
medium/fine-cut CTC-style manufacture – BOP
(CTC = Cut – Torn – Curled, the most broken of tea grades)
Oxidation: fully-oxidized
Flavor: malty, raisin-y, and concentrated
Aroma: aroma of dried fruit
Liquor: dark red amber colored tea liquor


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Assam State, India

Autumnal Pluck

Use 1 teaspoon (2-3 grams) per 6 oz water
Steep 1 infusion at 3-5 minutes
Water temperature should be 195°F-205°F




This leaf tea is a medium/fine-cut CTC manufacture, so it will steep very quickly and pass through many strainers and teapot ‘cages’. This is the type of tea that is responsible for the universally-known “a teaspoon per cup” measure that just doesn’t work for so many modern, large-leaf china bush varietals. But this is the tea for you if you tend to prefer that old-fashioned measure of ‘a teaspoon per cup‘, because that measure of Kaziranga Tea Estate Assam will actually weigh the 2 grams that requires a Tablespoon measure of a bulkier tea!

Fans of the Assam Monkhooshi Tea Estate black tea that was manufactured into a fine-cut CTC style will be happy to see it back in the listings.  We sold this delicious Kaziranga Tea Estate CTC black tea for years and years as the closest thing that we could source to the Monkhooshi. However, now that the Monkhooshi is available again, we do not need to have two medium-fine CTC Assam teas. So we are keeping the Kacharigaon, and re-introducing the Monkhooshi, and discontinuing this, the Kaziranga Tea Estate.

What’s better than a dark, malty, richly-satisfying cup of Indian tea?  Whether drunk black and straight up, diluted with milk, cream, or half-and-half, and sweetened or not, this is a malty, deeply-flavorful and satisfying cup of tea. Many of our clients use Tea Trekker’s Kaziranga Tea Estate CTC tea as a base tea for their home-made chai, blending into it finely-cut or powdered spices, to create their own, quick-steeping, one-pot chai. For those of you who make chai by steeping the tea leaf separately from the spices, then one of our orthodox Assam teas may be a better choice.

Part of a medium or fine-cut CTC-style tea’s charm is in its quick-steeping ability, so that ‘on the way out the door’ or when in a hurry (or if you simply enjoy the style it produces) this medium/fine-cut leaf is modern Assam tea at its flavorful best. Kaziranga Tea Estate Assam tea has a bright, malty and rich flavor; it is classically north-eastern Indian in style and flavor profile. Not likely to encourage a second steeping or offer much in the way of finesse or subtlety, Tea Trekker’s Kaziranga Tea Estate Assam tea is for the straight-ahead-looking tea drinker. If you enjoy a tea that bares its soul fully and completely right from the start, then this robust Assam is for you.

Compared to Tea Trekker’s other CTC-style Assam tea, the Kacharigaon Tea Estate black tea, this tea is a slightly smaller pellet size. The flavor profile is more concentrated, and shows the raisin-y, dried fruit flavor characteristics that it shares with other bold, forthright black teas. There is not a hint of smokiness or the toasty aromatic that some people desire in their Assam tea – for that characteristic please defer to the Kacharigaon Assam.

Simply because a tea enthusiast wants a CTC-style leaf manufacture does not necessarily mean that this tea drinker wants inferior or cheap tea. It is quite possible to manufacture quality leaf tea into a CTC style, just as it is easy to get awful-tasting whole leaf tea! Because the better the leaf tea the better the cup of tea, and since there is quite a bit of competition for quality leaf, we are now able to source delicious CTC-style Assam tea.

Being a CTC manufacture the shelf life of this tea is quite long and the steep time tends to be short. Although we here at Tea Trekker have been known to let this tea steep for a good long time (5 mins or more!) to bring out some special deep flavors that otherwise might be missed, this steeping style is a bit astringent.

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