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Assam Murphulani Tea Estate


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Assam Murphulani Tea Estate


Grade: orthodox manufacture – TGFOP1
Oxidation: fully-oxidized


Appearance: long, open twist, distinctive leaf with little tip
Flavor: smooth flavor, with complex, lightly-malted, clean flavors
Aroma: fresh, invigorating herbaceous aroma
Liquor: clear, light red-amber liquor


Assam State, India

2nd Flush (May, June)

Use 2 teaspoons (2-3 grams) per 6 oz water
Steep 1 infusion at 3 – 4 minutes
Water temperature should be 195°F-205°F


Steeping Notes:


I find that I prefer this black tea steeped at a lower temperature than most black teas. Using cooler water helps to show off the creaminess in the leaf and eliminates any chance of bitterness.

A softer flavor and elegant styling mark this Assam tea. We are now sourcing the deliciously-fresh, 2017 2nd Flush Assam tea from this revered garden. It is from a special lot of TGFOP1 grade medium-large to large size leaf which is a real treat to have from Assam. We jumped on this offering as soon as it became available, and are quite pleased to be able to offer this Assam black tea to our tea enthusiast customers.

We were struck by the clarity of its steeped liquor and the fullness of flavor that this tea shows. It is extremely well-made and the careful handling during manufacture shows in the evenness of the dry leaf and also contributes to its clean and elegant flavor. Bob thinks that it has just about reached its time of peak drinking (which should occur in late 2018 through 2019); it is very drinkable now, and this full-bodied Assam black tea should drink well for about another 2 years (doubtful that you will keep it that long!).

This Murphulani Tea Estate 2nd Flush Assam has minimal ‘pull’  (the astringency that makes the inside of your mouth feel clean). Rather, the impression one gets from drinking it is more one of smooth richness and solid, full-bodied mouth-feel. It is really smooth, with a soft maltiness that is refreshing.

We particularly liked the flavors we tasted of vegetal herbaceousness , particularly its mild tastes of celery and thyme (and its almost spearmint-like finish – absolutely no menthol or peppermint – but a subtle spearmint or refreshing pear aftertaste). The aroma has a slight suggestion of a ripe pear or bowl of cherries. There is also a slight woody or garden mint aroma that reminds us of a mature Himalaya tea

The tea garden is located in the Assam Valley in northeastern India, situated such that it straddles the border of Assam and Nagaland, surrounded by  a concentration of temples and churches – ranging from Hindu to Catholic and Presbyterian, to Burmese, to many many Baptist and Evangelicals, along with many peace centers and other religious and social centers.

Murphulani was named for the Mur flowers that blossomed here before the cultivation of tea. The gardens are tended historically by people from the Karbi Anglong, Chutiya and Dimasa tribes, who came from Tibet as long ago as 1100.

Overall this is a beautiful and delicious tea for both tea drinkers who drink Assam tea regularly, and also those who only drink malty teas occasionally.