Assam Pertabghur Estate


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Black Tea


Assam Pertabghur Tea Estate

Grade: orthodox manufacture – TGFOP1
Oxidation: fully-oxidized


Appearance: large, thin leaf, wiry & well-twisted
Flavor: clean, medium-bodied flavors
Aroma: grape skins and toast aromatics
Liquor: clear, red-amber liquor



Assam State, India

2018 1st Flush (April, May,)

Use 2 teaspoons (2-3 grams) per 6 oz water
Steep 1 infusion at 3 – 4 minutes
Water temperature should be 195°F-205°F


Steeping Notes:


I find that this black tea has a very complex flavor that shows differently depending on steep time and temperature. Using cooler water helps to show off the creaminess in the leaf and melds the flavor highlights together; whereas using a more traditional hotter temperature brings out the clean, biscuit and toast-like elements of the flavor profile.

I enjoy steeping it for a bare 2 mins, in which case the tea shows a very clean and lean style, or one can go the full 4 mins and have a heartier, nutty result. When I am planning on re-steeping the leaf, I generally go with the shorter steeping time for the first steeping and a longer time for the second.

Hope this helps!

We recently discovered this delicious tea among a grouping of 2018 1st Flush Assam teas that we were tasting. If you were a fan of the Mokalbari Estate or the Kama Black Assam black teas that we have had the last few years, then we expect that you will enjoy this tea. It is from a small lot of TGFOP1 grade tea, consisting of large but wiry leaf, which is rarely produced in Assam today. One interesting aspect of the leaf is that it is so perfectly twisted that it remains in a partial twist for the second steeping. You should also notice a pronounced red hue to the wet leaf, this indicates a preponderance of thearubigens in the manufacture, which contributes to the beautifully rich claret color of the liquor.

We found this Assam tea to be extremely well-made and the careful handling during manufacture shows in the evenness of the dry leaf and also contributes to its layered and elegant flavor. We think of this as an excellent  choice for both those who will drink it ‘neat’ or with the addition of dairy. This Pertabghur Estate Assam black tea has medium body, and a wonderfully clean, complex and layered flavor. We picked up various slight notes of hazelnut, biscuit, and other ‘nutty’ and grain-like flavor components.

It offers an invigorating aroma that hints of red wine, grape skins, and moderately-caramelized toast.

When drunk neat, which is how we recommend drinking this tea, these flavors predominate; however, when milk is added they smooth out and meld into a delicious entity so that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ (Aristotle). Does this mean then that this Pertabghur Estate Assam black tea has synergy? You be the judge!

Our Pertabghur Estate 1st Flush Assam tea has a perfectly appropriate sense of ‘pull’  (the astringency that makes the inside of your mouth feel clean) that is in balance with its lighter, medium body and over-all general classic style. The impression one gets from drinking it is more one of pleasant deliciousness and solid, medium-bodied mouth-feel with a classically clean biscuit or toast flavor. It is not heavily malty; however, its pure maltiness shows, especially when drunk neat.

Overall this is a beautiful and delicious tea for both tea enthusiasts who drink Assam black teas regularly, and also those who only drink complex but clean teas occasionally.