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Glass Cylindrical Teapot


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Made in China
Height: approx. 4.75″ (to top of lid) /
6.75″ (to top of handle)
Functional capacity: 10.5 oz / 310 ml


This teapot is handmade from ‘heatproof’ glass and features a stainless steel handle and a coiled internal stainless steel strainer.  The strainer attaches to the spout and is removable for cleaning.  This teapot’s height and width make it ideal for steeping very long leaf teas or blooming flower ‘display’ teas.

The manufacturer’s recommended functional capacity for this teapot is 7.4 oz / 220 ml, which fills the teapot to just below the base of the spout (about half full).  We feel this measurement is a tad conservative.  Our functional capacity measurement of 10.5 oz fills the teapot to the top of the point at which the  spout meets the body of the teapot.   Filling the teapot to this level should allow ample room for most tea leaf without causing the teapot to pour awkwardly.

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