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Glass Tea Steeping Cup

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Made in China
Includes cup, infuser and lid
Height: 3″
Functional capacity: 8 oz

This elegant tea steeping and drinking cup is as lovely as it is practical. We looked for a long time for such a glass cup but always founds the handles to be too small, the glass too flimsy, the cup too oddly shaped or with a lid topped with a decorative do-dad that was sure to break off. But this steeping cup is perfect.

The glass is bright and clear and not filmy. The base of the cup is wide and flat; the handle holds two fingers; the lid is flat and fits nicely as a lid or it can be turned upside down and used as a saucer to hold the infuser with wet tea leaves.

The infuser has a series of fine slits that allows the tea to steep while you watch – a little relaxation while you wait for your tea! You can watch the tea leaves unfurl and the color of the tea deepen as the leaf opens.

Re-steeping is a snap, too – just pop the infuser back into the cup and add more heated water. Because glass is non-absorbing
you can steep any type of tea in this tea steeping cup. With glass pieces ( and fine pottery ) we recommend hand washing and air drying.

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