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Tokoname Painted Morning Glories Teacups


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Tokoname Pottery
Made in Japan
Sold as a set of 2: price is for the pair


‘Husband’ cup:

3.8” tall
8 oz functional capacity


‘Wife’ cup:

3.6″ tall
6.5 oz functional capacity

This is a delightful pair of handmade teacups that features a joyously-painted morning glory design.  Morning glories are very popular in Japan both as a plant and as an artistic motif.  First introduced from China as a medicinal plant, they gained prevalence as an ornamental plant during the Edo Period.  Although morning glories originally served as a symbol of autumn, they are now associated strongly with summer.  Japanese morning glory motifs can be highly stylized but are usually identifiable by the presence of a prominent five pointed star shape which radiates out from the flowers center.

The morning glories depicted on this pair of teacups are rendered in subdued pink, yellow and green tones.  A delicately incised black line outlines the flowers and leaves, bringing definition to the design and truly making it ‘pop’.  A lovely sandy beige matte finish under-glaze covers all but the cup’s foot and creates a splendid background for the floral motif.  The smooth matte finish makes these cups a treat to hold in the hand.   The glossiness of the white glaze with brown fleck that blankets the interior of both cups contrasts nicely with the external finish.

This is a ‘meoto yunomi’ set of cups (meoto means ‘married couple’). ‘Meoto yunomi’ usually come in the same pattern (although patterns can vary but be complimentary and colors may differ) but in two different sizes (and sometimes slightly different shapes). Traditionally, the larger cup is for the ‘husband’ and the smaller cup is for the ‘wife’. Today, however, the use of the individual cups is negotiable!


Please Note:
This is a handmade item – slight variations in the painting, colors, tooling, patterning and kiln effects of Chinese and Japanese teawares are to be expected. We have carefully photographed this item as best as possible – please be aware that different device screens can render colors and subtle tones slightly differently.

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