Yunnan Bai Mudan

2012Pre-Qing MingWhite Tea
Yunnan Province, China
Open, flat leaf and elongated buds
Smooth, sweet, mellow flavor
Pure, clean aroma
Clear and sparkling, pale silver liquorSteeping Instructions:
Use 2 Tablespoons (2-3 grams) per 6 oz of waterSteep 2-3 infusions at 2 minutes each.Water temperature should be 160˚ – 170˚

Yunnan Bai Mudan is a localized (southwestern China) interpretation of a classic eastern China tea manufacture. Prepared according to the methodology used for Bai Mudan white tea production, this combination of large leaves and elongated buds is both beautiful and delicious. The coloration of our 2012 Yunnan Bai Mudan shows off the deep silvers and greens that distinguish a well-made Bai Mudan.
Yunnan Bai Mudan is light, elusive, clean, and deliciously smooth. Extremely easy to steep and demanding many re-steepings, it is simply delicious.
Tea drinkers who seek a white tea that has a full-bodied mouth-feel with absolutely no astringency will find this early-season tea from the southern-most, sub-tropical region of Yunnan Province irresistible.
The 2012 Yunnan Bai Mudan is a big, light, fluffy leaf tea reminiscent of both SunShine Tea™, the sun-dried Yunnan spring green tea that TeaTrekker featured for many seasons, and Yue Guang Bai, which we featured from 2010 until 2012. Our SunShine Tea™ was sun-dried, wheras the Yue Guang Bai and the Yunnan Bai Mudan are warm-air dried.
Yunnan Bai Mudan is a true regional Yunnan specialty, but has the characteristics of modern, leaf & bud white tea manufacture. This tea is processed very simply and has light withering. This slight natural oxidation imparts to it a flavor that is reminiscent of a very mild black tea.